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I feel Blessed for my small Community/ Class in Therapeutic Sound in ISTA school, Atlanta ,GA.

The picture you see is the Therapeutic Sound Class I was in back in 2017. Ten months of Amazing camaraderie and totally engrossed in the teachings of how Sound can literally change you and assist you in getting in touch with your deeper Self. The small Community we were for that time helped us to Transform within and to help one another in that Transformation with a very thorough coaching from our teachers Mandara Cromwell, Wendy Young and Stephanie Rooker.

Before achieving the Certification we became our own lab by experiencing Sound first through us. Through Voice work like Toning the Sacred Vowels and chanting Medicine Melody, Sounding the Body, Breath, Movement, the Sacredness of Gibberish, the different instrumental tools like Crystal Bowls, Himalayan Bowls, Tuning Forks. We had Training on how to proceed in doing Sound Immersion connected to the Elements, Intentionality, Voice Journey, participative and listening only.

We also did a Case Study before the end of the Training which was very challenging and enlightening to me. The steps along this Study were so incredible just by seeing the improvement in the subject's life. Ten sessions showed how it helped to bring in the subject a different approach to his life.

One year after my Training and having the possibility to add Sound Therapy to my existent practice, it blesses me everyday. I can notice people reacting positively to T Sound and starting to believe and feel that working with frequencies and using their own Voice can definitely assist them in maintaining their Wellness and to others who are stressed to achieve it.

The one thing I love is to send people home with a "prescription" and that prescription is to use their Voice and tone the Vowels. Starting with Humming and experience the calmness it brings to them! The breath on its own is very healing as well. As you are practising the body as intelligent as it is starts to release hormones like serotonin, dopamin, oxytocin, nitric oxide, all good things to a good relaxation and enhancement to a better mood.

Everyday in Class we would start by Toning at least for 10 minutes. Our voices gave us the sense of togetherness, unity, harmony and expansion making us feel as One!

Soon I will be posting an event where I will facilitate an hour gathering for Toning. It is my goal to allow everyone to experience the Sound of our own Voices to heal and help with Stress. Our ANS (autonomic nervous system) needs to be balanced and restored. To pause and reach still moment is very much necessary to give our Immune System a break and at the same time to have the feeling of belonging which is to be a part of a like minded group and be fed spiritually!

As people feel comfortable with their own Voice and see its good results in their health and to validate it, it is my dream that they can create their own groups to spread the great results one can have when cultivating Sacred Sounds for the benefit of All Creation.

Please feel free to write me if you have a specific group you would like me to facilitate and /or any other questions.

I am open to book One on One Sessions and Sound Immersion Groups.


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