Therapeutic Sound Events


The Healing Power of Sound

We are all Vibratory Beings!

This Workshop will be focusing on the power of Sound for our Wellness. Through Sound we can attune our beings to the Sacredness of who we are, vibrating our DNA which is the portal that connects us to God. All religions and traditions in the World agree on how the Universe was created, as stated in various sacred texts, describing Sound as the major force of manifestation and vibration being the fundamental creative force of the Universe.

There will be a brief introduction to Sound explaining its healing benefits / breath’s importance / what is the science of Cymatics / and the importance of Intention, Visualization, Healing and Manifestation.

In the next part of the workshop there will be an interaction amongst the participants doing these exercises below, which will invite you to open up your heart and be who you are!

  • Sound versus Silence

  • The Humming Effect

  • The Sacred Vowels for each Chakra

  • Call and response

  • Gibberish 

  • Medicine Melody

  • The importance of Community

  • Sound Meditation (with different sound instruments, like Crystal and Himalayan Bowls, chimes, shakers, Native American Flutes, Ocean and Frame Drums, Voice,…)


You will experience the significance of the power of Sound specially when being done as a group. Sound is a healing balancer, regenerative, relaxing, invigorating, self transformative and empowering.

It will be a light, loving, healing and fun time spent together!


What to bring: if you desire to bring your Yoga mat to use during the Sound meditation and a blanket, pillow , in order to be more comfortable, you may do so. Water is important. And an open heart!! 

Date: To be Determined