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This image has always put me in a state of expansion and connectedness! It is my heart’s desire and

inner call to facilitate the remembrance to others who are at the point of integration with All That Is.

This time in the history of humankind is the most perfect era to find tune again with our hearts and

essence. All cultures on our Planet Earth are connected. The words may seem different but they all bring

in them the wisdom in letting go of fear and make way for surrendering. Love is the essence of us all and

the magic happens when finally we listen to our hearts!


Our Gifts are a Gift from God, our Creator. And when sharing them with everyone is the most beautiful

and liberating experience you will ever know. Past the fear of not being perfect, of not being the same as,

of being rejected, and other aspects of insecurities, comes the time of feeling glory and Joy within

ourselves and the pleasure to see the flower buds blooming in other people’s hearts!


Sound therapy is the most beautiful Art I have ever encountered and that I feel is rooted in my heart! It

has helped me to move forward in life as my heart rejoices of infinite inspiration when connected to



Through Sound using the Voice, Self Transformation is inevitable. The Sound reverberates inside of the

body, bringing different vibrations that will balance and harmonize the entire being. The waves of

vibration raises up the frequencies of the light we all are made of. We are beautiful Light Beings who

travel beyond our imagination! Everything resides in the mind and Sound is the carrier wave of our

consciousness that is limitless. Sound and Silence two potent allies that bring us total connectedness with

Spirit and total awareness of the present moment which is all that matters.


My passion for Sound Therapy has taken me to places I couldn't have reached without trusting my heart

and Spirit. It is my Intent to share with all who resonate with this Art. It is my Dream to see groups of

people joining together and assisting/supporting one another in the Self Expression of who we really are. 



I will come to your home if you have a small group of friends that are interested in Therapeutic Sound.

 I also do Group Sound Meditation with Chuck Pavey, as my collaborator.  

You can contact me to my cell phone 586 260 5112 or email me to  for further information.



 Below are my Teachers 

 Chuck Pavey

Jonathan Goldman


Friends from Sacred Sound Course in CO 2007 

The Sound Pioneers from ISTA Therapeutic Sound Certification Training in Atlanta,GA,in 2017    

Stephanie Rooker ,Wendy Young, and Mandara Cromwell - ISTA Sound Teachers  

and every single Brother and Sister I meet along the Way! 

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