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Overtoning - Cristina P
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"Reiki with Cristina has helped fight away severe cancer in me but along the way,I now know how to treat myself  lovingly plus  all my emotional trials I experience with new ways to build myself up, relax and be stronger. With dreams now for my future and the power to say no. There is more,all the sessions teach me more. I can see clearer about myself and my world." 

Paulette Murawka, Client

""I met Cristina at a time of great physical crisis.  She is the only reiki practitioner that I have ever noticed make a difference in my body.  Her use of vocalizations along with intuitive healing hands, open heart, and loving disposition, makes her a gifted therapist and a lasting friend."

Dana L Piper

Massage Therapist

"For me, having a Massage, Reiki, or Reflexology with Cristina Pavey is a 'heart opening' and moving experience because her presence and intuitive touch help me unfold into a sacred bliss -every time. It's easy to 'let go' with her because of her undeniable commitment to assist folks in their physical and spiritual healing. Cristina is truly unique and precious soul!With love and thanks for her gifts"


Cynthia Reedy

"Cristina is a gifted spirit with many talents.  As a massage therapist and energy worker, her gentle  hands and open heart transform you to a beautiful state of peace and surrender.  As an artist, her intuitive paintings carry vibrations that touch the soul.  As a sound therapist she is truly remarkable.  If you're looking to experience a little bit of heaven on earth, Cristina will take you there."


Darlene Sowa, Healing Touch P

Cristina radiates this joyful healing energy! Her knowledge of sound healing is so expansive and her expertise is amazing as she chants, tones, uses Koshis, rattles,drums, breath, Reiki, tuning forks, flutes and singing bowls and laughter in healing your body, mind, soul and spirit!
You leave a new person, the one you were born to be! Love Jen

Jennifer Keogh Schwarb

 "Cristina is a master teacher who helps us understand the power of our own voice in healing ourselves and others. Would recommend any person who is interested in being healed or who is a healer to take this class."


Ann Eskridge

"I've been blessed with Cristina's work so many times and for that I'm grateful. Cristina is an Angel with healing hands. "


Catia Oliveira

"Cristina takes her time with you and listens to what your body and spirit needs. Had a wonderful session and already looking forward to the next one. Thank you!!!"

Kristin Gottschalk

"Cristina is amazing! Her energy is clear and focused in the moment. She's a natural healer with a wonderful intuitive soul!"

Christine Le Tourneau

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