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Sound Healing Techniques

In this page you will find Sound techniques to help you relax by tuning yourself into the parasympathetic autonomic nervous system mode.  

Breathing exercises

Diaphragmatic Breathing 


Effects of Diaphragmatic Breathing:

                                           Calms you down

                                           Oxygenate your organs and brain

                                           When Toning allows you to elongate Sound                                           

                                           The air passages are allowing its fluidity effortlessly

                                           (holding breath without closing throat)

  • Breathe deep and slow

 ​       Breathe in through your nose and exhale through your mouth

  • Wind breath (like if you were fogging a mirror)

          Take a deep and slow breath and exhale with open mouth doing wind sound​




  • Breath with a Groan on exhalation 

     ​   The groan sound allows you to let all emotions connected to frustration out; when doing it have the intention only of releasing the emotion without labeling it; for your body sake 


  • Deep and slow breath with a sigh on exhalation

       totally allowing​ the relaxation and peace pervade all of your being

  • Inhale and on exhale do these sounds (sss, shh)

        the S and Shhh sounds have the power to awake you if need to be focused, alert and with a clarity sense. You will feel the connection with the third eye. 

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