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From a shy girl to an adventurous Woman in search for a Community Spirit

I look back in time and I see someone who is in a continuous search listening to a deeper call within to keep learning the Art of Living. I mean with this to evolve in manners to be at peace with myself which is to accept entirely who I am, good and less good and walk towards the freedom of Self.

From little Voice when teenager my inner desire took me to cultivate it along my life which brought me to a place of total strength and to have the ability to be listened and to know how to listen. For 12 years my path flourished in rich communication working as Tour guide leading groups of different cultures around my country Portugal and Spain as well.

And that path continued embracing Healing Sounds from Jonathan Goldman and most recently Therapeutic Sound from ISTA School.

So my goal is to be of service to all of those who need their Voice to awake and give it power in order to speak their Truth – assertiveness with gentleness, kindness, and compassionate Love from the heart.

When activating your Voice, its unique frequency will start the healing in all of your being. The vibration of acceptance for who you are have the capabilities to release old issues and naturally to enhance balance and harmony, regenerating your beautiful Self!

Taking it Lightly is also a way to allow yourself to see things not so dark and heavy. Playfulness and Joy are two great allies to heal your inner child.

Creating your Bliss is self transformative and empowering!




"Listen to your heart and love yourself intensely

 as it will be easier to accept who you are and be in

Harmony with everyone and everything around you!"







  • Originally from Portugal and residing in USA since 1999.



  • Started my profession as a Healing practitioner in 1997 doing Massage Therapy, trained in Portugal.  (no longer practicing it)



  • In the year 2000 became Reiki Master Teacher (hands on healing) by Eve Wilson 



  •  In the year 2007 became Reflexology practitioner ( Center for the Healing  Arts – from Charlotte Irwin, teacher and owner of the Center now located on Mound, Sterling Heights)



  • In the year 2007 studied Healing Sounds from Jonathan Goldman (9 days Intensive Sound Healing in Colorado.)



  • In the year 2017 took Certified Therapeutic Sound Training in Atlanta, GA, for 10 months. (ISTA – International Sound Therapy Association)



  • BEMER Technology Training in the year 2016. it is a part of all the Therapies mentioned above. Bemer Distributor.  http;//


Work Experience​


  • Volunteer at Henry Ford Macomb Hospital (Reiki and Therapeutic Sound)

  • Drumming Circles and Sacred Sound with Chuck Pavey


  • Therapeutic Sound presentations


  • Private Groups with Voice work

  • One on one Therapeutic Sound sessions / Reiki / Reflexology

  • Sound Meditations 

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