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Receive this Invitation to go within pause,breathe and listen to your Heart!


This site is dedicated to the different healing modalities that can assist everyone into bringing their being - Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual - aligned with the Cosmos. Wellness is the most precious state to be in to have a happy and joyful Life! 

Due to so many obligations in life our day by day lives is very demanding in such a way that can leave us depleted and our nervous system "hungry "for balance, harmony, integration, pause and regeneration! And here in this page you can find ways of replenish yourself and give your body the rest it needs and to recharge its systems to a better wellness. All these therapies assist you in balance your nervous system by bringing your Autonomic Nervous System - Parasympathetic and Sympathetic areas - into harmony which will enhance a better sleep and restoration of all  your being. 

In Light and Peace!

Cristina Pavey



Reiki Usui


Kansa Technique

Therapeutic Sound

Bemer Technology


The Logo represents the Elements of Nature that we all have within - Earth, Water, Fire , Air and Ether. The hummingbird represents Freedom, Joy and even though they are little in size they are very feisty and territorial!  

"Flow of Life" brings the elements out to play in a very important way for the natural fluidity of who we all are and the dreams we desire to create. 

Wellness is when the elements are in harmony and interact with each other in grace and beauty! 

Blue Hummingbird
Swift Tide
Air Pressure

Check Chuck's work and more info about the Native American Style Flutes




"Today We Rise Sacred Sound workshop to empower women created and conducted by Cristina Pavey April 16, 2023

Cristina is Certified Therapeutic Sound Practitioner by three notable people in the field - Wendy Young,  Stephanie Rooker and Mandara Cromwell.  

Her depth of knowledge and experience on this subject is immense. 

I have had the pleasure of seeing Cristina conduct Sacred Sound workshops for the community hosted at a local hospital as well as attending this latest workshop. She feels it is important to share information on the science of sound and how it affects the the cells of the body which in-turn effects our health. It’s visually amazing to see! 

The workshops Cristina creates are injected with freshness and new life so they are never the same. This makes it fun to attend more than one of her workshops. The group activities create cohesiveness and rapport between the attendees. The time spent practicing the sound exercises is priceless…then we can use them in our own lives after the class to keep the good vibrations going! The number of instruments she uses for the Sound Bath are impressive and she creates an immersive sound experience that you wish would never end. I highly recommend attending and experiencing any and all workshops Cristina creates…for the health and happiness of your body, mind, spirit!"

Kaye McAuley , Reiki Master

Click on the picture to open up a Video with the workshop pictures and music background from class and Cristina.


Hearts Openness Connecting to Essence   


This image has always put me in a state of expansion and connectedness! It is my heart?s desire and inner call to facilitate the remembrance to others who are at the point of integration with All That Is. This time in the history of humankind is the most perfect era to find tune again with our hearts and essence.

All cultures on our Planet Earth are connected. The words may seem different but they all bring in them the wisdom in letting go of fear and make way for surrendering. Love is the essence of us all and the magic happens when finally we listen to our hearts! 


Clinton twp, MI,     United States
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